Alex McMurray Alex McMurray Alex McMurray has been called a lot of things: "The most talented songwriter in New Orleans" (Antigravity Magazine June '07); "one of the best young songwriters in the country" (N.O. Gambit 11/03), and "the mad hatter of New Orleans guitar" (AltarNative 11/00). 
Benny Grunch & The Bunch Benny Grunch & The Bunch Benny Grunch and the Bunch recorded an album known as the 12 Yats of Christmas, which is one of the truest expressions of Yat dialect and culture. The songs explain much of the local customs and traditions of New Orleans and the surrounding areas, but perhaps raise as many questions as they answer for outsiders, because the lyrics are mostly in Yat. 
alt Lynn Drury Band Lynn Drury’s compositions are as rich and full of visual imagery as life itself. Often autobiographical, each song is carefully crafted around its initial inspiration, ranging from love and loss to beauty and butterflies. Her sound combines the twang and grit of her native Mississippi and the funky grooves of her adopted home of New Orleans. 
John Mooney John Mooney and Bluesiana

Throughout the years John Mooney has developed one of the most distinctive and easily identifiable guitar and vocal signatures of anyone alive today. John left home at 15 and began playing with Joe Beard at about that same time. Joe introduced him to the first and most enduring influence on the development of Mooney’s music, the legendary Delta blues singer, Ed “Son” House. Impressed by the 16 year old musician’s talent, Son and John soon became friends. Mooney cites Son’s heavily rhythmic style having a strong influence on him. In fact, the way Mooney adapts acoustic playing to a modern electric format is one of his most distinctive trademarks.  

Valparaiso Men's Chorus Valparaiso Men's Chorus


The Valparaiso Men's Chorus Guano and Nitrates is a rare and strange artifact. For reasons no one can clearly remember, it was decided to assemble a large group of men for the purpose of making a recording of sea shanties. The Monday after Thanksgiving was chosen to maximize the size of the group, and the Mermaid Lounge was chosen as the site, due to its proximity to recording equipment and alcohol. We acquired the last two reels of 1/2 inch tape for sale in Orleans Parish and went to work.


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